Group Classes


My weekday classes are offered Monday through Friday and are geared towards overall Health and Immunity


Put on your game face and come have fun at our Saturday & Sunday morning laughter sessions at 9:30 am.

Personal Sessions

Laughter Sessions

Throwaway all the suppressed emotions and laugh to gain all the health benefits. All this without a single Joke!!


A 32 touch points on head that can dissipate all the energies supporting unwanted stressful thoughts, emotions and makes you Relax and Stress free

Yoga Classes for Immunity

Traditional Yoga which includes physical stretches and asanas in combination with deep rest with Yoga Nidra ( psychic sleep )

Pranayama / Meditation

Travel into deep inner self and create the calmness and peace of mind.. Learn pranayama techniques for building immunity

The decision you take now, can change your life forever

Tony Robbinson