Our Team

Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellness is very important to be happy, peaceful and efficient in life. Lasa Wellness welcomes you to associate and get the Joy and Peace in life.

Here is our team of compassionate wellness experts coming forward to help you in building overall health.

Colleen Yeloushan:

MBA, Finance, DePaul University and Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher ( RYT 500, Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy, RTY 500, Yoga, Psyche, Soul Training with Ashley Turner, RYT 200, Nature Yoga )

Having studied multiple aspects of yoga and Ayurveda, Colleen applies a holistic approach to wellness. Her philosophy is that yoga is available and accessible to all people, no matter the age or limitations of the physical body. She has created an individual and unique modality for practice at any stage of life. Colleen views yoga as a philosophy and therapy that can prevent disease as well as treat imbalance.

Contact details – email  teamyeloushan@gmail.com

Geeta Premnath:

Geeta is a psychologist and counsellor from India. She did her Masters in psychology and International diploma in Counselling.

She is associated with Befriends international. The Samaritans Worldwide to befriend people who are lonely, depressed or suicidal. She has worked for Nandi Foundation on a National project designed to provide education for the girl child and sensitise the communities on the importance of education for the girl child.

She is a Counsellor for individuals, who are victims of domestic violence and burns. She has Counselled people from varied backgrounds on holistic wellness, Yoga and Nutrition.

Contact details email  geetapremnathbang@gmail.com

Andhrika Kondeti:

Ayurveda Specialist trained in India, a Registered yoga teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Virginia.

Over the past 24 years, she had the pleasure of working with clients in India and US, with various health conditions. Often times the disease is addressed once it has made itself present in the body.

As an Ayurvedic practitioner, Andhrika educates people about how to prevent disease and improve their, overall, quality of life in a natural way.  By working with them on following a daily routine, maintaining healthy eating habits, and aligning with the changes of season, a more organic and wholesome lifestyle is achieved.  She feels it, very rewarding working with my clients and witnessing this natural transformation. Contact for telephone consulting and online classes

Contact details email  andhrikarao@gmail.com , www.adhrika.com

Dr Jyothirmayi

Dr Jyothirmayi is a Neuro Psychiatrist (Gold Medalist), Therapist & ex-Civil Assistant Surgeon based in Hyderabad. She is a medical doctor who facilitates speedy & effective recovery using a combination of psychotherapy (talk therapy) and psychopharmacology methods for people suffering with mind related issues like anxiety, work related stress, depression, addiction (various kinds), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, marital issues, etc.

Jyothirmayi is a TEDx speaker and speaks at several corporate, educational and media setups about mental health related issues. She is an ex Civil Assistant Surgeon / Chief Medical Officer with the erstwhile United AP State Government. She is an expert peer reviewer for Andhra Pradesh Journal of Psychological Medicine (www.apjpm.org) and a member of Indian Psychiatric Society, Hyderabad Psychiatric Society, ANCIPS organizing committee (2015).

Jyothirmayi holds both an MD in Psychiatry (State 1st – Gold Medalist) and MBBS from Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad.

Contact htpp://drjyothirmayi.com/


As a naturopathic doctor, Michelle helps people to understand the root causes of their health concerns so that they can be addressed in a holistic manner. She considers her role to be as a guide to patients, supporting and empowering them as they learn more about themselves and gain greater self-awareness. Her recommendations are individualized for each person and include aspects of lifestyle, nutrition, mind-body medicine, and botanical medicine. Michelle Davila is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Registered Yoga Teacher RYT-200

Contact details  drmichelledavila.com

Suzanne Berschback

Healthy Communities Manager, Beaumont Health, Director of Society of Joy Spreaders. your expert guide on a journey to a healthier and happier, more joyful life, by sifting through the science and offering tools, recommendations, reviews, exercises & resources through my website, BlogFacebook page, and PinterestLearn what it means to be a Joy Spreader

Contact details-Suzanne.Berschback@beaumont.org

Dr. Lakshmi Saleem

Dr. Lakshmi Saleem is a retired physician from India who practiced plastic and cosmetic surgery for over 40 years.

While being busy with her surgical practice, balancing her family and her social life, she realized the importance of Yoga & Meditation in preventing the burn-out in many walks of life and became a passionate yogini.

She considers the therapeutic application of yoga philosophy and with her medical background, appreciates that Yoga and Meditation, Ayurveda and Nutritious diet as adjunct modalities for helping the people going through the physical and mental sufferings.

She is an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher, Access Bars Practitioner and a Laughter Leader. She believes in the concept of Holistic Health and makes protocols with Yoga, Meditation, nutritious food, and counsels towards attainment of happiness, efficiency, and peace of mind – A “peaceful soul in a healthy body”. Achieving all this is a team effort and thus originates this LASA wellness program with a base in Grosse pointe Farms, (Detroit) MI.

Contact details:: email id – lasawellness.web@gmail.com