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Dr. Lakshmi Saleem

Dr. Lakshmi Saleem is a medical doctor and a plastic surgeon with 40 years of experience. A TED speaker and an awardee from TANA the prestigious Telugu association North America. 

She is an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher, Accesssbars Practitioner and Laughter Leader based at Detroit, USA 

Her Noble work to the suffering victims of accidents and acid attacks etc still continues through her Salaja Trust. More about her at www.salajatrust.com 

She is also the adviser to JP Yoga Wellness Consulting, Hyderabad, India ( www.jpywc.com ) which is an International Wellness academy and the Corporate wellness Consulting firm to provide her guidance and esteemed contribution to the world of wellness.

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More About Me.

After spending 4 decades as a busy plastic surgeon, treating many victims of burns, accidents and birth defects, I have realized that most of them can be prevented with proper understanding and life style modification. I was burnt out, disillusioned by the medical world and looking for something more meaningful.

I was practicing every single day and sneaking out of work early to catch sessions. That’s when I realized that yoga had become the most important thing in my life.

For me, yoga is a tool to balance between the personal, professional, emotional and social life. I sincerely believe in the committed yoga practice to heal from inside out, to inspire a joyful productive, meaningful life. You are welcome to practice with me to start building our own community with empathy and love. My yoga classes combine both strength and mobility and peaceful mind to understand the inner energy and strength to fulfill your dream and desire. The mindfulness will help you to be grounded to give you the strength to come out of difficulties successfully. It will help you to communicate with others without being judgemental.

If you wander into my class sometime, I hope you fell welcome. I hope you feel safe enough to show up in a crappy mood, just to get on your mat. I hope that something I may say will trigger a response in you that will help you grow in someway.

I believe sincerely in the power of a committed yoga practice to heal from the inside out, and to inspire a joyful, meaningful life. COme practice with me, and start to build your own community, forge your own path, go deep and thrive.

As a yoga instructor, I strive to help beginners feel comfortable in their practice, learn essential postures, and ensure a safe practice for everyone